Music Poetry’s Beginnings

My former violin teacher, Willy Sucre, had been in a terrible car accident. He didn’t know if he would ever be able to play his instrument again. He began to heal but also had to learn how to sit and hold his viola again, experimenting with different positions so that he was not in pain and could maintain good posture. He played each note as slowly as he could, feeling the way his muscles, tendons, posture and instrument changed together with each small movement. Eventually he was able to teach other musicians how to hold their instruments correctly so that they would not have long term pain, poor posture development from repetitive motions, and feel less tired throughout long performances. Amazingly, he also became attuned to the vibrations of each note and how each affected different parts of his body, much like the way deaf dancers can feel the vibrations of music through the floor and surrounding objects.

Willy was the inspiration behind my book, The Music Is Written, and its collection of explorative poetry. I tried to capture in words the sensations and effects music has on the body, mind, emotions and soul. The poems are meant to be reflections on our experience of sound waves passing through our ears, penetrating our skin, and filling the air with various vibrations. Music is a language that has no meaning and yet can possess every meaning that is superimposed upon it. It is one of the many mysteries of our existence. I hope you will follow me on this journey of trying to describe and unravel its almost inscrutable qualities and join in the discussion through your thoughtful comments.

I await your response.

 Writing assignment: Listen to a favorite piece of music and describe the emotions evoked by it.

Music assignment: Play a favorite piece as slowly as possible and try to feel the vibration of each note or chord going through your fingers, arms and wherever else you might sense it in your body.

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About tatiana333

Tatiana Pietrzak graduated with a Master’s in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After studying in London, Paris, Siena and Florence, she lived and worked for four years in Beijing in film and television. She has published articles in The Beijing University Newsletter, The Eagle and The Santa Fe New Mexican. In addition, she has won two Editor’s Choice awards from the National Library of Congress and was granted a Distinguished Membership from the Board of Directors and Advisory Committee of The International Society of Poets. Presently Tatiana is working on her first novel and a second compilation of poetry.
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